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An overview of the Company’s history:


Mr. George Georgiades had started as a sole trader by installing and fixing rolling shutters in Famagusta. George’s technical expertise along with his sharp business mind had helped him to gain loyalty and awareness in the town of Famagusta. Up until the Turkish invasion in 1974, George was known throughout the town of Famagusta and its suburbs for his professionalism and quality in rolling shutter installations. In 1974, the Georgiades family had moved to Limassol.


In 1978, Mr. Marios Georgiades, the youngest son of George Georgiades with a strong vision had decided to follow his father’s career path. The business had been established in the center of Limassol in a small building which facilitated an office, a workshop and a warehouse. The business had immediately begun importing rolling shutters from the largest companies in Germany while at the same time had employed and trained the first 5 employees. By 1989, Mr. Marios Georgiades together with his wife, Mrs. Elena Georgiadou, have incorporated L&M Rolex Ltd.




Following the rapid growth in the rolling shutter’s industry, the Company had been gaining market share and brand awareness. By early 1990’s, the Company had decided to expand its product line by entering the garage door market. Within a few months the first import of residential garage doors from the United States of America had been made. The market had positively responded to new product and gradually the Company had gained a significant part of the garage door market. During this period, the Company had also introduced additional products to expand its line. It had lunched the manufacturing and installation of the Venetian blinds and the electric gates. The raw materials and components were imported from Germany, Italy and France. Meanwhile, due to the rapid growth of the business, the company had acquired additional buildings to be used as warehouses in Limassol.



Towards the end of 1995, the company acquired land and built a modern 2,200m2 factory in Agios Sylas industrial area. The factory was built to hold a huge amount of inventory and to safeguard all the products and their ranges. This had enhanced the Company’s competitive advantage as a complete range of the products could be stored and be provided to the customers instantly, thus minimizing any idle time and saving money for our customers. In addition, the factory was built to sustain a large space for the manufacturing activities to take place and was furnished with the latest technology machinery and equipment in order to assist and motivate each technician to perform the work in high quality. Within the plant, an area for the finished products was built to keep and safeguard until delivery would take place. Moreover, the company had renovated the old premises and turned them into an impressive showroom in the heart of Limassol. The showroom was designed to display all the Company’s products live, thus satisfying every demanding customer’s tastes and preferences.


Since then, we keep on renovating our premises and invest heavily in technology. Our attendance in the worldwide exhibitions ensures that we always supply the best and latest products of the industry. The Company’s brand name has gained national awareness and loyalty. Our mission is to sustain our customer’s loyalty by the way we know best!

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